Target archery is the most recognizable layout of modern-day archery It occurs both outdoors as well as inside your home, over distances of approximately 90 meters as well as using the typical five-color, 10-ring target.

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International target archery includes 2 bow styles: recurve and also compound. Recurve target archery is consisted of on the Olympic Program, substance target archery is featured at the World Gaming as well as both are consisted of in the Paralympic Games.

Target archery is practiced in clubs in over 150 nations all over the world as well as is a rapidly expanding sport.

World Archery worldwide target archery occasions consist of the Globe Archery Championships, World Archery Indoor Championships, Globe Archery Young People Championships, Globe Archery Para Championships, Archery World Mug and also Indoor Archery Globe Mug.

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Recurve athletes contend targets set 70 meters away and substance professional athletes shoot at targets set 50 meters away. Professional athletes of both bow styles contend a conventional yellow, red, blue, black and also white target that scores 10 for the inner ring as well as one for the outer ring.

The recurve target is 122cm in size with a 10 ring 12.2 cm in diameter.

The compound target is 80cm in diameter with a 10 ring 8cm in size. In global competition, substance targets only consist of the yellow, red and also blue rings. This is to reduce the size of target mat needed for every target face so that each athlete has their very own target to shoot at.


Recurve, as well as substance athletes, shoot at targets set 18 meters away.

Athletes of both bow styles shoot at a standard yellow, red, blue, black and also white target that ratings 10 for the inner ring and one for the exterior ring. There is a smaller 10 ring, determining 2cm in size, for compound professional athletes as opposed to the 4cm diameter recurve 10 rings.

In global competition, targets only consist of the yellow, red as well as blue rings and also are organized in vertical groups of three. Professional athletes fire an optimum of one arrowhead at each target face at any kind of once.


Archery was very first included in the Olympic Gamings in 1900. It was also featured on the program in 1904, 1908 and also 1920 prior to a respite up until 1972 when it returned.

It has stayed on the Olympic Program since with competition in guys and women’s individual and also group recurve archery.

Learn more concerning archery at the Olympic Gamings.


Outside and also indoor target archery consists of individual, group and combined group competitors on global occasions. Globe Archery likewise recognizes a variety of competitors rounds not or no more utilized at international events.

  • Person
  • A team as well as a mixed group
  • Various other


Professional athletes fire a credential or ranking round to ascertain seedings in their department: bow style and also gender. The ranking round contains 72 arrowheads outdoors or 60 arrows inside your home, cumulatively racked up.

The professional athlete in each division who completed with one of the most points is provided the top seed, the athletes with the least the most affordable seed.

Professional athletes then advance to eliminations and finals of head-to-head matches shot in brackets. In indoor competitors, only the top 32 seeded professional athletes breakthrough. In outside competition, the leading 104 seeded athletes breakthrough, while the leading eight seeded professional athletes are given an automatic bye right into the third round.

Recurve suits are decided to make use of the set system. Athletes receive 2 set points for winning each set of three arrows. If both athletes score the exact same in a three-arrow set, they both receive one established factor. The first athlete to reach six established points wins the suit.

Substance suits are determined to make use of collective scoring. Professional athletes shoot 15 arrowheads in 5 ends of three arrowheads. The professional athlete with the highest 15-arrow score wins the suit.

If a recurve suit is connected on 5 set factors or a compound match is linked on advancing rating then the match is chosen in a single-arrow shoot-off. Each athlete shoots one arrow and the arrow that lands closest to the middle wins the suit.

If no champion can be determined, the procedure is repeated till a winner is found.

The elimination brackets advancement till there are four athletes continuing to be to shoot the semifinals. The losers of both semifinals compete in a bronze medal suit while the victors of both semifinals contend in the gold medal suit to decide that wins the event.


Along with the individual competition, global events can likewise include group as well as mixed group competitions. (Blended group competition is currently included in outdoor archery just.).

Teams comprise three athletes of the exact same department. It is generally the leading scoring 3 professional athletes in certification, nevertheless, group managers may pick to replace athletes.

Blended teams make up two athletes of the same bow style, among each sex. It is normally the highest racking up athlete of each gender in qualification, nonetheless, group managers may elect to substitute athletes.

Teams and combined groups are needed for their removal matches using the total amount of the specific ranking round ratings of their athletes.

Recurve team and blended group suits are determined to utilize the set system. Teams obtain two established points for winning each set of 6 arrowheads (2 each); combined teams receive two set points for winning each collection of 4 arrows (two each). If both groups or combined groups rack up the very same in a six- or four-arrow set, they both get one established point. The first string or mixed team to get to five-set factors wins the suit.

Substance team and also blended group matches are determined to make use of cumulative racking up. Groups shoot 24 arrowheads in four ends of 6 arrowheads; the group with the highest possible 24-arrow complete success the match. Blended groups shoot 16 arrowheads in four ends of four arrowheads; the blended group with the highest possible 16-arrow total wins the suit.

If a recurve group or combined group suit is linked on 4 collection points or a compound suit is connected on cumulative rating then the match is made a decision in a shoot-off. Each athlete in the group or mixed team fires one arrowhead. The team with the highest possible rating wins the suit.

If no victor can be chosen with each team’s arrow that is closest to the center, after that the second closest arrowheads are made a decision, then the 3rd. If no champion can be determined, the process is duplicated up until a champion is discovered. You can also check out our website¬†


While no longer used in global competition, the Globe Archery 1440 Round was previously used as the qualification round. Also then called the FITA Round, it includes shooting 36 arrows at 90, 70, 50 as well as 30 meters for guys and 70, 60, 50 and 30 meters for females.

The 1440 Round and also other previous global occasions are included in the World Archery rulebook.

National archery federations around the globe use variants of the World Archery guidelines as well as typical guidelines in their own countries, making archery one of the most diverse sports for competition styles worldwide.

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