The Relevance of Food Tourist – Market Remark from ITTFA

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Food has constantly been a component of tourism yet it is just recently that it has been really acknowledged for the significant part it plays in the general experience of a destination. Today’s tourist is better educated, extra cultured, well traveled as well as trying to find brand-new experiences. Food supplies a portal right into various other societies, via a preference, through cooking and the whole eating environment. Food and consume alcohol supply long lasting memories that define a holiday or traveling experience.

Food is certainly a physical requirement, most of us consume, yet it symbolizes social identification and uniqueness, offering the tourist an insight right into a brand-new experience, the unique, the uncommon as well as a deeper understanding right into the location they are checking out. Food tourist might be industrial or residential, cheery or average, entailing dining establishments, events, cookbooks, specialty grocery store, food occasions, cookery classes, films, brochures, food as well as a glass of wine tours as well as various other comparable methods of literally experiencing the item. But there is additionally the tangible facets of food as well as a beverage that supply a database into the religion, practices, customizes and background of other locations.

One could claim that food tourist has shaped such traditional gastro locations as France or Italy, whereas, in arising destinations such as Vietnam or Oman, food plays an essential duty in the attraction of vacationers as well as the general experience. Locations currently recognize that there is excellent possible for food tourism to provide a lasting tourist item, the white wine routes of South Africa and also California are statement to this as well as more recent markets would do well to make certain that the food options on offer are as enticing as possible as well as received their best light. Component of the happiness of traveling is the enjoyment of checking out unaccustomed foods, but not just the eating however the locating it, for example, truffles and the making of it, parmesan cheese as well as a glass of wine.

Traveling events now supply ideal platforms for food tourist, be that as part of a nation or region display or as a stand-alone attraction such a particular food occasion or area. For example Cheddar in Somerset, England is visited for its cheese manufacturing as well as Reims in France for its champagne manufacturing. Along with this numerous exhibitors include conventional food into their stand exhibits adding passion as well as appeal to the tourist offering.

Exhibition organizers can likewise utilize food tourist as a prime focus of a program, connecting all the different aspects via food as well as a beverage or by utilizing food as an included attraction to the program. ITTFA member IDEA Alpe-Adria has a linking theme throughout their 2011 event based on cookery which will certainly highlight the different sorts of food throughout the Alpe-Adria area. Food and also drink will be the primary attaching style with Friday 28 January devoted to the cookeries in general. All exhibitors will be urged to prepare their exhibit programme for that day based upon the food of the area. The organizers have actually likewise presented a new prize for 2011, the Jakob reward, which will be awarded to the best culinary offering. You can also check out our website

Antonio Dell’ Aquilano, existing Head of state for ITTFA is the Event & Event Supervisor for TTG Italia who hold their B2B occasion, TTG Incontri, this month in Rimini. “There is without uncertainty an increase in the promo of food as well as drink tourist at our occasion. We have great deals of exhibitors supplying eco-gastronomic experiences and we have actually pro-actively welcomed purchasers handling the exact same product to promote service and also development around. In addition, for TTG Incontri– TTI 2010, we have actually arranged a series of ‘delighted hours’ at the end of the business consultation sessions showcasing normal food as well as beverage items, provided by the various Italian regions. This initiative has actually been very well welcomed by the Regional marketing boards that recognize the value of food and also beverage as a crucial element in the vacations experiences.”

Tasting tourist is for that reason what it is all about and also ensuring that this is covered and also promoted as a component of the marketing initiative for all tourist locations. There is a lot of growth in this field at travel trade exhibits and with the recession still attacking, this area of tourism is a fantastic draw for site visitors.

ITTFA is committed to the continual development of the traveling trade convention market, increasing participation as well as setting high standards worldwide.

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